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Question   Do you offer Content Management System (CMS)?
Yes the CMS will allow you to make change to your website and its cost already included in 39,000 Baht cost of development.
Question   How do you work? What are the processes?
Please see our process here
Question   Do you offer Flash development?
Flash is not included in the development cost but it can be requested. We use other technologies (such as scripts) to make animation and dynamic functionalities, as it’s friendlier with search engine and iOS platform.
Question   Is my website SEO friendly?
Yes your website will be friendly with major search engine, especially Google. Website properties such as Page Title and Meta data are editable. All pages have their own names, which are compatible with Google’s preference.
Question   How do I start?
Place an order here. Or if you have any questions, please use our Free Consultation Form here.
Question   Do you provide a service for large-scale web development?
Yes, we do it at ClickseeDesign, the brand trusted by corporate customers for more than 12 years. We can spin off a large-scale project based on requirements of enterprise customers.
Question   What does 39,000 Baht cover?
The cost basically get you a website for your business. We deliver the finished site to you including the HTML files. This package gets you up to 15 web pages with up to 3 web forms. This is the amount that is sufficient to most small and medium websites. Please contact us if you have some special requests.
Question   Design Revisions?
3 revisions for free. In case you are not satisfied with the result after 3 revisions you can ask for your money back. Please note the revision processes cannot be done after the design and site plan has been approved by you.
Question   Is my website cross-browser compatible?
Yes, the website that we develop is compatible with modern browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
Question   Do you offer domain name registration and web hosting services?
Yes we offer all popular extensions (for example, .com, .net, .org) of domain name registrations. Hosting service is available at the cost of 4,900 Baht per year. 
Question   Who are you?
We are Clicksee Network Co., Ltd., a registered Web company based in Bangkok, Thailand. Our company has been in business since 1999 and has been providing web design and development services since then.